My Vision

Fiscal Accountability.


We have endured four years of hard economic times and we need our government to spend our tax dollars

 wisely. I am in no way blaming the NDP for the price of oil as some do, however I do believe the previous PC government did leave a significant infrastructure deficit and there was a win/win to be had. The infrastructure deficit could be reduced at a better than boom time rates, this is where the back slapping ends and the sad reality begins. The NDP government refuses to make the necessary decisions required to ensure the win/win doesn't turn into a generational debt. In fact the government brought in the carbon tax almost 2 years sooner than required, earning the government easily $3.15 B and they don't even have magic beans to show for it.   

Large debt and credit downgrades, that is a plan to fail all economic classes of Albertan's. 

Not acceptable! 

The hard decisions need to be made and we need to make them over time but as the deficit balloons time becomes our enemy.  



Social Stewardship

All Albertans deserve to be treated as equals and the government has an obligation to ensure all Albertans are treated as equals by the laws of this province and those that uphold the laws of this province. 

Believing in the above statement should be like breathing, we just do it naturally.