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Carbon Levy (comments & opinions are my own)

I believe in climate change however science must be the driving force behind a climate plan not ideology.  

Mr. Trudeau stated that by 2018 all jurisdictions require a price on carbon or a cap and trade and if the jurisdiction chooses not to the feds will and they will determine how it is distributed back to said jurisdiction.


Where is the carbon Levy revenue going?  (projected to be $5.4 B over 3 years)


28% rebates cheques.

19% Grants to renewable energy companies and communities transitioning away from coal.

24% Green Infrastructure (like public transit)

11% Energy efficiency initiatives (Led light bulbs etc)

10%  Small business tax reduction

5% for coal phase out adjustments. (code for “oops we screwed up and had to pay out”)

3% for Indigenous communities

28% rebate cheques tells you that this is a bad plan all by itself

19%  ($1.026 B) to foreign renewable energy companies leaving Ontario (because the grant money dried up) are now coming to Alberta for free money because they are not competitive without the grants. 25 years in Alberta and wind is still not competitive. A waste of our tax dollars. Canada is not breaking trail on mega bucks spent on wind powered generation but they are following the tail lights of "Leading countries in a blinding storm of Ideology over a cliff of bogus claims.  The Alberta power grid loading is very  predictable, wind and solar power generation is not capable of a sustained constant output therefore for every megawatt of wind and solar generation you need coal or nat. gas to back it up. Wind and solar generation cost too much and are not reliable enough.  

47% that does absolutely nothing to reduce CO2e and another 18% that has no right to be part of a climate change plan. 65% or more wasted. 

How many tonnes of CO2e are we saving Mother Nature from breathing in for our $5.4 B?

Climate Leadership Plan? We deserve better.

 There is good news if you have a S.I.N. and pay no income taxes, you qualify for a $75 carbon Levy rebate cheque every quarter and you don’t need to purchase any hydrocarbons. Think of what you can buy with an extra $300/year.

Do you live in a community that is shutting down because of the coal phase out? Well we have something for you to. That’s right! Here is an all expenses paid bus ticket to the big city where your future lies.  

The people of Alberta are paying for a 2019 Tesla Roadster and getting a 1974 Pinto. 

Albertans are hard working and willing to do their part to deal with climate change.

The Alberta NDP announced in Nov. 2015 (less than 6 months after the election) their Climate Leadership Plan that included the accelerated shutdown of coal fired power plants. 

The NDP did not need to ram out a bad  plan as the feds didn't unveil their policy to enforce a national carbon price until Nov. 2016.  Due diligence?  The NDP’s climate leadership plan was built in the echo chamber of NDP Ideology. The result so far of the NDP plan? Billions of dollars wasted needlessly. 

Science shows the amount measured in the atmosphere is the same all over the world, regardless of the source of the emissions.  


It is my opinion the plan the current Alberta government implemented does very little to reduce  CO2e.


What is my plan?

  1. As I stated earlier I do believe in Climate change. There are two components of climate change, naturally occurring and the effects humans have on climate change. Science has determined what portion of climate change is naturally occurring (volcanic releases of CO2e etc.) and what portion is due to us humans.  We can only control what we can control to reduce our portion of the global CO2e concentration. 
  2. While respected economists state Mr. Trudeau's version of the carbon tax provides a more generous rebate for more Albertans than the model the Notley government implemented it has the same inherent problem, It will not come close to the Paris agreement  targets. I would not implement the  feds price on carbon before it is required.   
  3. I would not price carbon 3 fold higher than the feds require as the NDP have for 2018. $3.375 B savings for Alberta consumers over the first three years.
  4. I would NOT accelerate the shutdown of coal-fired power plants and pay out billions as the NDP have done based on Ideology and ignorance of both agreements in place and science/facts regarding twenty first century coal fired power plant technology. 
  5. I would not give grants to wind or solar projects, those funds are needed for health and education not for foreign corporations. 
  6. I would develop an effective “Made in Alberta” Climate change plan. The control model of “ keep increasing the price until it is not affordable” will eventually result in significant push back from an over taxed public.
  7. I believe the best ways to reduce our carbon foot print is through technology. To that end technology can be in the form of equipment or processes that reduces or eliminates the use of hydrocarbons or the effects of its use. We have the opportunity to become a world leader in technologies and export the gift of those technologies to the world which alone has the ability to reduce CO2e emissions by orders of magnitude. Wind and solar are not without issues both environmentally and for security of the electric power grid. 
  8. This plan will provide better results in reducing CO2e emissions not just in Alberta but globally and at less than half the price.  


Let me know what issues are important to you and your family.

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