Robb Connelly Alberta Party Candidate for Leduc-Beaumont

Robb Connelly
Leduc - Beaumont

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My Philosophy

I believe in treating people as they would like to be treated. 

I also believe in Live and let Live within the law and equal rights for all.

What is important to me.

Quality of life. Everyone deserves some minimum standard of living no matter your abilities.

Quality Education. I truly believe our youth are our most valuable resource and the potential of that resource far exceeds that of any natural resource Alberta currently has. The education system absolutely needs to extract every ounce of potential locked within each student. One thing I very clearly observed when I was coaching was how we learn. I believe each player or student has a locked in potential and it was my job to find the key that unlocked that potential. I didn't always find everyone's key but it was a feeling of discovery for me when we found it. What was the most common component of every key? It is amazing what happens to a persons confidence when you show them you have  confidence in them. 

Cookie cutter education does not make the grade and not everyone is built for post secondary education, we can not write them off. There are models other countries are using that we could examine with an open mind.

Quality Health Care. I am far from an expert on this topic. Like it or not our system appears to be highly regarded around the world. Everyone that has experienced our system first hand knows it is not perfect. Too expensive, wait times too long, too much waste etc.etc. It's easy to say it's broken but blowing it up and building a new model is foolish, as the new system will solve one problem and create another. The Health Care machine is massive.  We paid for a Rolls Royce and It looks like a Rolls Royce but no matter how much we wash it, it still doesn't run smoothly. You can't fix something if you don't know what part of the machine is broken. Every nurse, doctor, Specialist, administrator, support staff will give you their version of where the problem is and they could all be right in their little world, maybe they all need to get together.

The Environment . Too much junk in the oceans and who wants to live in a dumpster. We need to be smarter, that doesn't mean throwing money at the problem and hoping it goes away. Is the problem too many people on this rock?


Thanks for coming, check out the place and let me know what you think. Everything written in here is mine, iffy spelling and grammar included.

Robb Connelly

Alberta Party Candidate for Leduc-Beaumont


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